Thursday, March 27, 2008


On Easter we took the day off from unpacking and cleaning to just enjoy ourselves. Lauren loves every part of Easter! We have several Easter books and if you ask her what Easter is about she'll say, "God's Son." Love that!

Dying eggs on our kitchen floor. Wouldn't want to risk spilling on rented carpet! LOL

Lauren decided that immediately after dying the eggs they must be eaten. I wanted to get a picture of her with the eggs, but she just got MAD!!! She decided that she'd go ahead and try and eat the egg shell and all. She didn't even bite into it (she knew that wouldn't be smart), but she sure knows how to get her way!
Our family all ready for church!

Lauren's hair was in braids all night, so she had pretty waves on Easter morning.
We did an egg hunt at the Swope's house that evening. Lauren was really excited this year, she even asked where the Easter bunny was and called for him!
Some egg-hunt coaching tips from Daddy (aka the bunny himself).
Lauren and Porter have a great time together! Every week when we see the Swopes, they shriek and laugh and act all crazy! Lauren even calls him her best friend!

Moving, moving, moving...

Well, we did it! We managed to box up everything we own and cram it into an apartment (and a small storage unit... and Annie's backyard)! To my suprise, Lauren really loved the idea of moving. She was very excited about our "new home" and moving into her "special room". There were a few stressful moments when toys were being packed - it seemed she decided to want to play with everything she saw being boxed up. I just put her to work "helping" me fill the box and then she would decide it was all okay. Apparently she also wanted to make sure we took her with us:

So, we have been in the apartment for a week now and there are still boxes to be unpacked. The dog is driving us nuts with her barking at every little noise, and the neighbors are loud - usually during nap time and at 5AM. But, there is a nice pool, gym, and playground. The floorplan is good, three bedroom, two bath, and a den. Our den, which will be a storage room, is currently unorganized chaos. We are getting there, but it takes a lot longer to unpack when you have two small children to take care of! I used to LOVE moving - I saw it as a chance to get all organized and purge all the useless junk we accumulate. With kids, I can now see why most people view moving as one thing and one thing only - stressful. And to think, we are hoping to be moving again in as soon as three months!!! Yikes! In the meantime, we are trying to make this place home without putting too many holes in the wall. ;o)

Paige is officially a finger sucker. Blah. She can often be found with them in her mouth as she gets tired. I almost always hear that dreaded sucking sound from the backseat. She is still not interested in pacifiers - but I just keep on trying. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I know we are not supposed to compare our kids...

...but everyone keeps asking me if my girls look alike! In my mind I think, "SURE they do!" Apparently my memory is not as good as I think it is - I took these pictures of Paige today in a dress that Justin bought for Lauren in Mexico. When I pulled up Lauren's pictures in the same dress, I was amazed at how LITTLE they actually look alike! They are both about three months and three weeks in these shots.

Random moments

With the weather being so nice, Lauren asks to go outside every day. Even though we don't have much of a yard, she loves practicing the T-ball moves Daddy taught her.

I really hope I am not getting a finger sucker! She mostly chews on them, but they are forever in her mouth. Pacifiers aren't an alternative because she only wants to chew on them. I suspect we may be seeing teeth early!

Half bunny rabbit, half fairy princess. Lauren is really into dressing up and creates hilarious combinations. I didn't get a picture of the hula skirt and top hat combo!

Paige loves her Bumbo, and I love having another option of a place to set her! Seems like the poor girl just gets transfered from one seat to another all day!

For those of you who don't already know, we have sold our house and are moving into an apartment next Wednesday. I am sure there will be many blogs to chronicle the adventure of apartment life with two kids!