Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lauren's summer 'do!

She was SO zoned into the Care Bears show playing that she wouldn't even acknowledge me or the camera! Whatever works, I guess!

The back - I had actually just cut three inches off her hair six weeks ago, but the waves in the back have been crazy and tangled lately, so I decided with 110+ degrees out, it'd be nice for her to have a cooler length.

The front - we are going to try and grow her bangs out as well - I figure it will catch up faster to the shorter hair. ;o)

The back is much more even and manageable now!

Paige is just growing like a cute little weed! She jabbers away all day long, smiles at EVERYONE, eats all kinds of foods, is teething like crazy, loves to sip cold water, and is trying really hard to crawl!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Springs Preserve

This last weekend we drove to Las Vegas to see my parents, and they took us to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve on Saturday morning. It was really neat - right in the middle of town, but beautiful like you were in the middle of nowhere! There are two museums, which we didn't go to - we just walked along the trail and took Lauren to their really neat kids play area! They also had a big grassy pavilion where a kids bluegrass band was setting up for a concert. Unfortunately, we didn't stay for that - it was just TOO hot at 11AM! But, what a fun place for people to take their kids for the day!

Paige getting some snuggle time in the shade with Grandma Linda.

This neat train made life-like sounds and had lots of neat gadgets to play with!

"Sand!" They had several sandbox play areas, and Lauren LOVES sand - we should have brought some toys because she could do this ALL day!

Once she found this sand and water table, she was hooked! We had to pry her away with promises of juice and a snack! :o)

This place was pretty amazing! Next time, we have GOT to see what they have that they actually charge you for!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted! We are all doing great just nothing too exciting going on! Today we went and watched Justin's sister's kids for a few hours, Camryn and Lauren had a great time playing dress up and with the play kitchen. Wouldn't life be fun to cook in princess gowns every day? ;o)

Love this black and white of the pretty princesses!

But the colors of these dresses just had to be shown!

Sitting up playing with a doll... how is Paige getting SO big?!?

Enjoying some time outside on a beautiful day!