Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Funny

Now that we have a computer hooked up to the television instead of a cable box (I <3 Hulu!) - the girls have taken a real liking to Daddy playing some PBSkids games with them some evenings.  BUT, as occupied as they might be by it, there is very little sitting still going on.  Just look at the changes that occurred in just a few minutes of Curious George gaming!  

That just made me laugh!  Squirrel-y little princesses!!!  (And yes, our children rarely ever get their pants back on after nap-time ~ the rest of the evening is under-roo time unless we have somewhere to be.  So sue me.)  ;o)

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I haven't updated on my pregnancy in a while, because there is nothing interesting to report!  Just trucking along into my third trimester now.  I have noticed a lot more back discomfort and general difficulty getting up and down -- but other than that things have been hunky-dory!  I am really beginning to wonder if this baby will be born without hair because my heartburn has been so much less than before!!!  I will not know what to do with a bald baby girl.  If that happens I will have to call Kathleen and find out how to stick bows to a bald head.  =)  Here's the bump at 28 weeks:

2.  See my cute new camera strap?!?  Love it!  It was my birthday gift from Justin (and he was brilliant to let me pick it out - there are a lot of options!) - it just makes picking up my camera even more fun!  It is even lined with minky material so it won't rub into your neck.  Ahhh...

3.  Justin's picnic went well on Saturday - the girls had a fabulous time getting REALLY dirty at the playground and jumping in the bounce house.

4.  Do you like treatments on images?  I am talking about more than just a black & white or sepia finish, I am talking about textures, fades, and desaturation of colors, and any combination of those and many other techniques.  I have never had a client request a treatment, I just see many other photographers posting examples of them.  They typically don't flow well with my style of photography, I like bright, true colors and crisp B&W's, but I did LOVE this shot with a little aging treatment:

Really, I think it is one of my new favorites!

5.  We watched "Bride Wars" last night via Netflix.  While I thought it was cute in a wedding, girlfriend sort of way... I truly felt like it was a prime example of all the things I do not care for in women!  Ugh.

6.  Still waiting on the nesting to kick in.  The dust in my house and untouched mess of a nursery are proof of this waiting.

7.  Lauren had a first on Saturday - she was stung by a bee.  She stepped on it when getting out of the bounce-house!  On one had I was really impressed because I watched the whole thing happen and she grabbed the bee off the bottom of her foot and flung it as far as she could.  Then, I think the reality of what happened sunk in and the drama ensued.  =)  All in all it was a good thing since she apparently did not inherit my allergy, as she had no reaction to the sting at all.  It was nothing a little snow-cone couldn't make feel a lot better.  

The mud was the idea of one of the other wives at the picnic.  She said her Dad did that for her when she was first stung and it made the pain go away.  I don't know if there is anything to that, but even if it is only psychological -- it worked!  She favored it a little, but stopped crying, which was all any of us really wanted to see happen!  After lunch, she was up and running around again like it never happened!

8.  We got a letter in the mail that Lauren's Kindergarten will be half-day!  I was probably the only parent thrilled to receive that notice in the mail!  They are still offering full day, but it has tuition.  I am just glad she will get to have a transition year after all.

9.  Really excited about this: is having a giveaway!  Don’t miss your chance to win a free photography posing guide from Willette Designs.  These guides look amazing and I could really use the one about newborns before baby #3 gets here, since I haven't had many chances to photograph tiny ones yet!  

10.  Speaking of work stuff, my canvas provider is having another awesome sale!  Contact me if you are interested in a 16X20 for 50% off (less than $80)!!!  

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday

Just to keep things a little more lively around here. =)

On this day three years ago, I was pregnant and attending Justin's company picnic. Which is exactly what I will be doing again tomorrow! Funny how that happens.

Lauren went on her very first carousel ride that day -

That just seems surreal that she looked like this three years ago. Three years?!? Three months, sure... but three years I can not believe. How time flies when your having fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My girls

On my birthday, we were meeting Justin for lunch since I knew he wasn't going to be home for dinner.  So the girls and I got prettied-up for our birthday outing.  They looked so sweet that I had to try and grab a few shots before we headed out the door -- nothing wall-worthy, but a good account of their fun little personalities right now!

This first one, I fear - is a preview of them in 12 years.  Look at that face Paige is giving me!  Seriously!!!

Cracking themselves up - I just love it!  Especially how Paige throws her head back to laugh.  She does NOT get that from me.  I do not toss my head back like a maniacal wicked witch when I laugh.  Nope.

Not sure I can even tell you how much I love this one.  It needs no description!

Some days it is so good to be a Mommy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beeler Family Easter Party

Justin's cousin Janel and her family host an annual Beeler get-together at their house, and it is always so fun!  The kids have a great time in the HUGE yard, they do a pinata and an egg hunt - and there is always lots of great food!!!

Paige taking a swing at the egg-pinata:

Lauren's turn - she was much more aggressive this year.  I think she finally realizes that there is sugar inside!

Then we were off on an egg hunt!  Seriously, my girls could do this every day!!!

Lauren was quite the hunter, check out that haul!  

Camryn and Lauren discussing what they found.  They are just getting TOO grown up!!!

Another great family tradition!  Thanks so much, Steve & Janel!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We were able to go visit my family in Las Vegas for Easter this year.  The girls had a blast, as usual - and Justin and I were able to sneak a date in, which is always appreciated!!!

First - dying the eggs:

Do you like Lauren's makeshift apron?  Two old dinner napkins tied together - my mom is so clever!  Paige liked hers so much, she insisted on wearing it like a cape after we put her shirt back on.  =)

Daddy teaching Paige how NOT to dye eggs... by using your finger.  Ahem.

Easter morning, they were thrilled that the Bunny found them all the way in Vegas!

Those baskets were so neat!  The girls love them.

Justin was disgusted that I let the girls dive into a third of their Reese's Bunnies right away.  In my defense, they didn't even finish what I gave them.  *snerk*

Lauren, slipping into a chocolate coma and using her basket as a pillow.

After breakfast, it was time to go see what the Bunny left in the yard!

Paige's cheesy smile:

Lauren's compliant smile:

Do you see the big red mark under her nose?  No idea.  The girls shared a bed for the first time, and every morning they woke up with a new scratch or scrape and even bigger circles under their eyes.  And I even brought the baby monitor to try and spy on them.  Whatever they were doing, it was super quiet!!!

Counting her "pennies".  Every coin is a penny to Paige right now!

The girls were equally thrilled that the Bunny made a second stop for them at home!  How did these kids get so lucky?!?  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!