Thursday, February 28, 2008

Such a lucky Mommy!!!

My girls amaze me!

I feel so blessed to have this happy little angel in my life! The stress of selling our house has gotten to me lately, but she has mastered the art of timing this smile just at the moment Mommy needs it most! She is a drool machine! I worry her first tooth will be on its way all too soon! ;o) She is batting at objects, rolling from front to back and pushing herself around with her legs while lying down. Baths seem to be her favorite event of the day!

Lauren is two going on twenty! She wants so badly to be "Mommy"!!! She cares for her dolls and stuffed animals SO carefully. She loves to cook, draw, and look at books. She also wants be in charge and make plans, giving instructions to anyone who will listen. She shocks me with her understanding of words and concepts! She is starting to get back to her cuddly self, climbing up in my lap for spontaneous hugs and kisses! As you might guess, this makes my day!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bonnie Springs, NV

While we were visiting Claire's parents in Vegas, we all went to Bonnie Springs - a western themed park in the Red Rocks. Lauren was quite fussy from having NO nap that day, but she still loved seeing all the animals and exploring!

Walking through the Old West Town. Poor Paige never gets to see anything but Mommy's neck! ;o)

We fit right in, don't you think?

It cooled off fast when the sun went behind the mountian and we had no hat for Paige. Burp rags have many uses!

Funny Valentines

We had a fun Valentine's Day - lots of quality time together! You have to love an excuse to wear pink and red, cook with pink and red, and cut everything into hearts! Lauren asked "What is Valentines?" Mommy tried to explain that it is when we TELL those that we love, "I love you." Moments later, after opening her Valentine from Grandma Nel that had M&M's in it she said, very seriously, "I loooooove you, M&M's!" The honesty of a preschooler!!!

On Valentine's morning, we had pink heart pancakes with red sprinkles. Lauren thought sprinkles on breakfast made Valentine's Day a great holiday!!!

Justin gave Paige this SOFT bear - she looks excited about it!

Gifts from Daddy - a sparkly purse full of taffy, princess crown with stickers, and silly string!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

She smiles!!!

Paige has been smiling regularly for over a week now, but this was the first time I was able to capture it on camera! There is nothing that melts my heart more than seeing my children smile!

How could anyone resist THAT?!?

She is really holding her head up well for two months old! Justin thinks she is going to be an athlete! Such a proud Daddy!!!

Lauren showing off her Play-Doh speghetti - she has become quite the clay artist in the last week, it is what she asks to do every day after her nap! This is a good thing because it means Mommy gets to get dinner started with less frequent disruptions! Hooray for Play-Doh!

Family pictures

Back on December 15th we had portraits taken of the whole Beeler clan, here are the final pictures!

One BIG happy family! Sure is a change from my only-child days!

Aren't you glad you use Dial? ;o)

Our little family

Loved this shot of Paige's tiny feet! She was two weeks old when these were taken! How time flies already!!!