Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten on... eh, whatever day it is!

1.  I apologize for my absence around here.  Things have been crazy busy what with editing for clients and card design, our own Christmas preparations, and end of the year business stuff.  I didn't really realize how much I was adding to December with starting my own business!!!

2.  Because of #1, my house has really fallen by the wayside.  Today will be the day to attack mountains of laundry and hunt down all those elusive dust bunnies!!!  I want a maid for Christmas.  Does Santa bring those?

3.  We are doing Elf on the Shelf this year - and it!  Lauren loves hunting for Sprinkley every morning, and she talks to her throughout the day.  When I had my first OB appointment and showed Lauren the little ultrasound print out, she immediately asked if she could insisted she show it to Sprinkley!  The funniest thing about it to me... she opted to just ask the Elf to tell Santa what she wanted this year, instead of going to see him herself!  Since I knew Santa would be a freak-out moment for Paige this year, I was more than happy to give that up!

4.  Fifteen days until Christmas, people!  15!!!  Ack.

5.  As mentioned in #3, I had my first OB appointment and ultrasound last week.  I would like to mention there is ONLY ONE BABY, praise God!  And it looks perfect in size and development!  Music to my ears!!!

6.  I want a birth photographer for this baby, but there just aren't any to be found!  Why hasn't anyone tapped into this amazing opportunity in Phoenix?!?

7.  I love that Colleen always Tweets about the news - if it weren't for her, I would be totally unaware of everything going on.  I am so happy to live in my bubble, though.  I don't miss cable TV at all (okay, other than FOOD NETWORK)!

8.  Anyone know any cute holiday craft ideas?  I want to do something with the girls, but I don't know what.  It needs to be appropriate for a two year old...

9.  I am getting my hair done tomorrow!!!  I love getting my hair done... I feel pretty for a few days.  Fresh and fun.  I don't plan on cutting much off, but I do plan on going dark - like back to my roots DARK.  Prenatal vitamins are great and all -- but they make my hair grow like crazy, and I can't take the constant roots looking greasy and nasty.  So next time you see me, I will be a brunette.  Any wagers on how long it will last this time?  Hee hee!

10.  We are trying to sell Lauren's bed and dresser on craiglist - and again, I really dislike dealing with buyers/sellers on craigslist!!!  People are flaky, rude, scammers.... and on and on.  Anyone need a twin captains bed and dresser with cute flowers painted on them?  Go here - there would be a discount involved!

Have a great weekend everyone!  (That is my way of saying I probably won't be on here again until Monday. Maybe I will be wrong... but I'm not promising!)  =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Years

Paige is now a full-fledged two year old!  Not that she didn't have the attitude down before midnight Monday morning.  ;o)  I am still shocked to think her time of birth was 12:00AM on the dot.  But that is my sweet Paige, she doesn't do anything part of the way - she does it ALL!

Before her party on Sunday we had a little front porch photo session.

Ack!  How can she be this big already?!?  Not possible.

Here's a picture of what she does while she says something is "Cute."

Pretty CUTE, if you ask us!

Hey Paige, how old are you?

It was a nice party with good friends and both sets of Grandparents here to celebrate!

I bought what I thought was a pretty cute cupcake cake, straight out of the bakery's book.

Little did I know that this blue frosting was not the best idea.  We all had blue lips, tongues, fingers... you name it!  My new outdoor furniture even has a nice blue streak from my oldest daughter.  This stuff was brutal!  I am sure the food coloring in it made my children craaaaaazy for two days, and their BM's have been bright green.  Like grass.  Only florescent grass that grows near nuclear power plants - green.  Ew.

Paige didn't really know what to do with the candle - because we didn't practice.
But, at least she didn't scream "No. No. No. No." during the happy birthday song like she did when we practiced that!

And you can always find us Beeler-girls at the party.  We are the ones chanting, "Bring on the icing!"

Then it was present time!  She received lots of awesome goodies!!!

And even her first tricycle!  Thanks "Ama", "Poppa", and "GG"!

Happy Birthday, Paige!
We love you, sweet girl!!!