Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Contagious Laughter

Laughter is one of those words that JUST doesn't look right to me today. Do you ever have that happen??? Really annoying. ANYway...

Lauren loves to make Paige laugh. Her favorite technique for enticing the laughter is to laugh herself. This really loud, obnoxious, FAKE laugh. It kind of reminds me of the Riddler... but it does it for Paige! We had one such episode after lunchtime today:

See? Cracking UP! That is just the best.
I had to try and get a shot of what she was seeing during all of this hoopla...

but no matter how close I got to that wall (while kneeling on our couch and trying oh-so-hard not to flat out ruin the moment with the presence of my camera), this was the best I could get.

It is these adorable sister moments that make me glad we didn't just have one child. Hopefully I can remember to dig out these kind of shots to relax me when they are fighting over who gets to wear what shirt in 13 years or so. Eeeek!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Break in the mountains

We were able to go to Flagstaff for the day on Saturday to escape the heat. Yay!!! We all had a lot of fun - going to the Arboretum and walking around downtown. We even got a little rainstorm, a very refreshing Saturday!!!

My pretty girls!

Lauren and Daddy had a lot of great quality time together.

Paige hanging out by the pond. ;o)

Stopping to smell the flowers. The gardens were all very beautiful!
Paige loves playing with the grass - I couldn't even talk her into looking up from it!
Lauren running off some energy before heading back down the hill! She soaked up every minute of playing outside. As you can tell, she couldn't have been happier!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th weekend

We were able to go up to Payson for the three-day weekend and enjoy the cooler weather with Justin's parents. Lauren LOVES spending so much time outside and just had the best weekend! We pushed the girls to their limits with early mornings, late nights, no naps for Lauren and fewer naps for Paige - but other than the occasional emotional breakdown they were both troopers and really enjoyed our little getaway!

Daddy and Lauren fishing - she finally got to break out her birthday fishing pole and was very excited!

Paige hanging out in the shade.

The girls all dressed in their patriotic best! Lauren was able to go see her first fireworks show with Grandma, Papa, and Daddy - but Paige was SO tired that Mommy thought it best to stay home and put her to bed!

On Saturday we went to Flagstaff for the day (yay!) to see the horse races. It was really fun and a beautiful day weather-wise! Lauren loved watching the horses and was always ready to cheer for the one wearing PINK! ;o)

Grandma Nel and Papa Jody were able to soak up some much needed Paige time!

Lauren playing with Grandma Nel's "sparkle beads" - all the little girls seem to just love this activity at Grandma's house!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New wheels

Well, J finally sold his truck last week - a good thing overall, but still very sad. After a few days of shopping he found a very good deal on an Acura TL! At least it will get better gas mileage - and we can still all fit in it if necessary! Lauren was very confused that Daddy didn't have a truck anymore - but was pretty excited to go sit in the new car, especially once she realized what a sunroof was! :o)

To be fair...

Lauren looked like him too!
Good thing I birthed them, so we know I am in there somewhere! ;o)
Maybe they will have my eyes...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


OK - I give.

She looks like Justin, that much is obvious. Even with the superb picture quality of the 70's!