Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Sorry about the hiatus I've been on.  It's funny, I really thought when I started homeschooling that I would blog MORE because I would have a lot to talk about.  And while I do have a lot to talk about in regards to homeschool... I'm not really ready to.  In all honesty, homeschooling has been HARD.  And we are working through it, but it is going to take some time.  So, my life has pretty much been chaos for two months, and now that we are entering busy season for photography - I anticipate the chaos increasing through to Christmas!  Ack!

But, a couple weeks ago we took a little break and headed to a local pumpkin patch.  We had thought we were going up to Sedona for a fall leaves hike, but the kibosh was put on that when the weather indicated ridiculous winds and flash flooding.  So, off we went to a new pumpkin place we had never been to before.

The kids liked it... so that's all that really matters!  

The first thing they got to do was a little horseback ride around a ring.  Paige was thrilled and the first one to eagerly climb on that saddle!  

A little more apprehensive, but much better than the last time, Lauren was next!

And then Jaelyn was hollering, "My turn!"  So Lauren helped her get her helmet on and off she went!

Then we hit the petting zoo, always a favorite.

I think this is Jaelyn's "quit running away from me, goat!" face.  Grumpy-gus!

And the hay-bale maze...

There were a ridiculous amount of these photo-ops:

Then we headed out on the hay-ride.

Awww... I love my little family!  They make me smile.

What did not make me smile?  The "pumpkin patch" being hay-bales in the desert with pumpkins piled around them.  Or the tiniest pumpkins being $4.  Take your pick.  

But, Lauren found a bug.  She loves bugs, so all was not lost!  =)

Paige did not seem to understand that we were not paying that much for pumpkins.  

At least we had a nice cloudy day to wear long-sleeves and pants!

Then, Justin announced that he was going to try the roping.  After the first dud he claimed he just needed to find his rhythm. 

Riiiiiight.  Honestly, no disrespect - but I was thinking that the last time he did anything even remotely cowboy-ish was at least 15 years ago, since we've been together for 14.  And roping seemed... complicated.

Apparently I was very, very wrong.

After snagging the bull (steer? calf?  I am so not a cowgirl...) he took to roping our children!  I was amazed.  He knew what he was doing and successfully roped them every time.  They thought it was hysterical!

Jaelyn thought this was a ride.  =)

Then my hubby said he needed a rope of his own.  I said we needed lunch!

But before lunch we had a little potato-sack race.

"Race" meaning that Justin carried the younger two over the finish line because the entire concept was too much for their little legs!  

All in all a fabulous fall day! 

But, I am still really holding out for that hike in the leaves.