Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have no pictures to post today.  So I will share some of my favorite links instead!   Starting with this.  Awesome deals on cute kid stuff!

2.  This fashion blog, Kendi Everyday is super fun, even though it reminds me how fashionable I am not.

3.  I love window shopping (screen shopping?) for the girls at Paperlili.

4.  This random fun blog is a new favorite too: Filth Wizardry

5.  From Lyndsay Stradtner, a blog about using food to get healthy.  Love it, love her!

6.  I stalk this etsy shop for a skirt all the time (again for the girls, I don't shop for myself much):  Dancing Freckle

7.  TONS of fun crafts for kids over at Deep Space Sparkle.

8.  Did I tell you about Grooveshark already?  I can't remember.  It rocks.  Literally, if you want it to!

9. A great photography blog my SIL sent to me, I Heart Faces.  I love that name.

10.  My husband will roll his eyes, but I really want this bag!  What?  It's for WORK!

Hopefully I will have pictures for you all before the week is out.  =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Snapshots of our week

We are going to breed Remy and have PUPPIES!  I can't wait!!!

Ummm - April fools!  I will explain more later... here's some stuff that happened to us this last week.  I am trying to be better about getting the camera out every day again.

Lauren found an inchworm and thought that was pretty much the best thing ever!

We went to a wedding reception - and all the girls did really great!

Paige acted so grown up for us, I was really proud of her three year old self!

Lauren met another little girl, so we didn't really see her much.

Jaelyn is full on crawling - it is craziness!

She and Paige both had nasty colds this week, but are on the mend now.  Being sick couldn't keep Paige from twirling in this sweet ballet outfit!

Love her.

And the dog went into heat.

Poor thing, as if she wasn't stressed out enough - now she has to wear a diaper.  LOL.  At least Jaelyn's diapers fit her, so I haven't had to buy anything special.  We were waiting to spay her because she had so much anxiety after the move, and she wasn't supposed to go into heat for three more months.  So much for that.  I actually considered breeding her for about six hours the first day, and then I realized that the puppies would come in mid-June and that means we would be at home until they were eight weeks old and ready to be adopted.  Stay home for the whole summer?!?  Not happening!!!  So, no puppies... maybe with the next dog instead.  ;)

Happy Friday!