Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paige's newest ability & the many faces of Lauren.

Paige is loving this right now:

She is getting pretty good, we actually get a few morsels of food in her mouth now!

And this is just for kicks:

Did you smile? That was the idea.

Lauren & Camryn

We went up to Payson this last weekend for a little get-away. Justin's sister and her daughter were there as well, so it was a really fun time! Lauren and Camryn have the best time together - even when they are just bossing each other around! ;o) Sadly there are no pictures of Paige - she was pretty much tired and crabby when I had my camera out, so you will just have to live with the older girls for today. You can see a happy Paige over at my Frame-a-day.

The girls fresh out of the tub and ready for a snuggle.

On Saturday we went to the park and the girls played HARD. This tire swing was a favorite!

Lauren chasing the birds by the lake. Funny, I have nearly the same picture of me chasing birds as a kid - must run in our blood.

She just looks SO big to me in this picture! Hard for me to believe she is almost four.

Who knew you could get two kids into the back seat of a sit-n-stand stroller?!? Justin got a great workout pushing this load all the way around the lake!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My funny Valentines

For Valentine's Day we took the girls to the Children's Museum. They had the best time exploring all the fun displays, and we had a good time playing along like kids ourselves! I only brought my pocket size camera and was quickly reminded why I lug my SLR everywhere! Please excuse the blurry shots and the ones with crazy colors!

This was by far Paige's favorite, crawling through long tubes and tunnels - she just laughed and laughed! Here both the girls are standing in the "big room" of the tunnel.

Lauren and Daddy riding the Plasmacars. These are SO cool, they are powered by centrifical force, no pedals required!!!

Poor Paige was forced to skip her morning nap - not for lack of trying, though!

Lauren cooking up a pot of soup.

Paige and Daddy enjoying a story together.

Lauren shopped her heart out in the kid-size grocery store and then turned checker and rung herself out, too!

Baking a pizza - they have this neat stone oven with pretend fire and a heat lamp. There are all kinds of fabric scraps to use for toppings - Lauren really enjoyed that!

Delivering her pizza to Daddy and Paige.

Paige is such a good sport about being trapped in the stroller!

You can't really see this - but it had projected the top of a pond with flowers, dragonflies, etc. When they stepped on the platform ripples would go out from their feet. They could have played for hours just with this one thing!

After all this we went home and crashed out - it was a fun and exhausting morning!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Before: After:

Apparently post-haircut regret not only applies to myself, but also to Lauren. I have never been happy with her haircuts - and these pictures just confirm it. Way better in the before shot! She has these crazy waves in the back and she just has SO much hair, I am always trying to keep it more manageable via cuts. At least she isn't old enough to really have an opinion yet! She was just glad to go to a fun place and get a sucker at the end! At least she looks younger in the after picture, so I guess that is one benefit of shorter hair on little girls.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Picture tag

I was tagged by my SIL, Tamara - here's the game: post the seventh picture in your seventh folder and tell about it. Don't cheat, just post what is there - then tag 7 other people (or as many as you want)! I had to do a bit of fudging because if I go to my seventh folder, I have many more folders within that. I ended up doing the seventh folder of last year and the seventh picture in there. So here we go...

Aren't my children beautiful?!? LOL! This is a great memory - we were spending the day in Flagstaff to escape the July heat of Phoenix. We went to the Arboretum there and it was a beautiful day, cloudy and cool with some sprinkles. I also remember this was the first day we had our iPhones and we were busy playing with them the whole time. I am not sure what was possessing Lauren to make this face during family photo time, but clearly Paige was not in the mood either. I love that we always make time for little get-aways together as a family, even if it is only for the day!

I am tagging:

  1. Jaclyn
  2. Colleen
  3. Carrie
  4. Theresa
  5. Kristin
  6. Tracey
  7. Kathleen

So get busy girls!!! ;o)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just some fun

There has truly been very little going on with the girls these days, but yet we are busy and going all the time. Odd...

Anyhow, here are some shots of the girls playing around from yesterday. Enjoy!

Paige's latest fascination.

Lauren can do a tongue taco?!? She got this from the Beelers because it is not in MY genes!

Always smiling and laughing - so her!

We bought this little fishing game for a dollar and Lauren has played with it for hours over the last two days! Yay!!!

Showing off her catch. ;o)