Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The Botanical Garden was a really fun location for a Pumpkin Patch - they had all sorts of festival games and crafts for the kids.

Lauren making her card - using lots of stamps! 

Paige making her Pumpkin - using lots of stickers!  ;)

Guessing game - this one was the inside of a cactus.

Prize for guessing - a ghost whistle.  Which was not at all annoying -

After a hayride out to the pumpkins, we walked through a hay-maze.  See Paige's face, that is her current "smile" when the camera comes out.  Nice.  LOL!

Checking out the pumpkin plants.

Daddy and Jaelyn enjoying the nice day!

One of the workers took this family picture for us.  Yay!

The big girls choosing their pumpkins.

The petting zoo is always a favorite!  I am pretty sure Paige would have taken this little piglet home.

Lauren, on the other hand, was infatuated with the chickens.  And catching one.  =)

Pretty Lauren, posing nicely!  Will wonders never cease?!?

Paige and her not-so-smiley smile.  Silly Girl!

It was a FUN family day!!!

After the pumpkins we had to head over to the butterfly garden for a peek!

The girls loved this... but we had to keep reminding them not to touch.  It is so hard when they are just right there!

Happy girl!

After stopping by the house for a little refreshing, we were back out the door to the neighborhood festival!  

Paige has no fear and loves all the inflatables!

Daddy taught them a little golf...

And then we did some fishing!   =)

I am so happy that the weather is finally good for being outside, we had a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1.  I had one of those weeks last week where I thought of a ton of things for a TonT post... but now I can't remember any of them!  

2.  New thing that I love: Trader Joes Chocolate Lover's 85%!  Yummmmm.  Bonus = it is made without milk.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!

3. Being off dairy stinks.  Big time.  I just have to keep reminding myself that the benefits of nursing are worth it... but some days it is really hard to feel that way.  Dairy is in everything!  But it has been confirmed to me that it is necessary - once with Cream of Chicken soup, and once (most recently) by just eating a few things that are cooked with butter.  Ugh.

4.  I have finally gotten back into the swing of things with photography, and am reminded how much I love it.  I can't wait until I am doing it as much as I want to!  The thing that will always be hard is that the busy photography season is also the busy hunting season around here.  Eventually it will necessitate a very good babysitter!

5.  Last week I read some articles and research that has been done regarding antibacterial soaps.  Now I am in the process of removing everything "anti-bacterial" from our home!  The reader's digest version: the chemical used to make them "anti-bacterial" interferes with your body's natural hormone process.  There is a theory that this is linked to early puberty and increased cancer rates.  Did you know the average person uses four anti-bac products in a DAY?!?  Add to this how it effects our water systems by making it much more difficult to treat the water properly... and I am officially jumping OFF that bandwagon.  We are back to all natural plain ol' soap in the Beeler house.  I am going to start working on all our personal care items and cleaners as well.  With all the toxins in the air/water/food these days, I want to do whatever I can to limit the ones that I know about.

6.  I do not, however, think I can ever go all-natural on the deodorant/anti-perspirant front.  I know I should... but I just don't think I can.

7.  I want a slice of pizza, people.   BAD.  

8.  Our membership to the Botanical Garden totally paid for itself by going to the pumpkin festival there. Free pumpkins for all three kids!!!  It was fun, too - I'll have pics up tomorrow.  There are a.lot.

9.  I still want a pair of cowgirl type boots.  I am not a cowgirl.  Or a horseback rider.  I live in a huge metropolis with no need for such boots.  But I still want them.  Maybe I have been reading too much Pioneer Woman for my own good.  

10.  I am trying to teach myself to be more of a homebody.  I realized yesterday that the home that I want to have, and the family environment I want to have cannot be when I am scurrying out the door  So, this is my goal - to stay home (aside from taking Lauren to school and back) three days a week.  It doesn't sound like much, but this is huge for me.  Usually, it is one.  One day out of five that I stay home and don't drive somewhere.  With three, I think the girls and I will have a closer relationship, and some projects might actually get done around here that have been on the back burner for months.  So, we will see!  

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three months

I don't love these ones from Monday, but it was what we got! I might try again this weekend, but by then she will really be three months and one week! Ack!!! Oh well... she is still my sunshine!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Payson, Day 2

OK - I do realize that this is over a week old.  I have no excuse... but you still want to see it, right?  

Our second day in Payson we just tried to spend the every moment outside.  It was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed the fresh air and mild sunshine!  It almost felt like fall!  =)

This is blurry, but the best shot of her smiling so far!  I am sure I was acting crazy trying to get her to smile, hence the camera-shake.

Ahh, to be as flexible as a baby!

Checking out the little lake...

Daddy showing his girls what fish they could catch in this lake.  He does a great job at getting them to love everything about the outdoors!  

Sweet sisters!

Justin playing at the playground:

Is he an awesome Daddy, or what?!?

Lauren using her high spot to try to find Daddy and Paige.

After some lunch, we stopped at a little ice-cream parlor.

Cotton candy for Lauren:

And mint Chip for Paige:

Since I'm off dairy still, I was very thankful for their Mango Sorbet!  YUM!

Coming Soon:  Three month pictures of Jaelyn!


Friday, October 15, 2010


Lauren was on the playground at school yesterday, playing tag with some "new friends".  Lauren was "it" and chasing the other kids when somehow or other she and a boy's head collided.  Apparently she didn't know what to do, so she went and sat on some steps, bawling - and her good friend Briana came and sat with her.  Once her teacher noticed, she was taken to the nurse to make she she didn't have a concussion or anything.  She is doing great, and doesn't even mention it even though it looks like this:

I just keep wondering if she could have fractured her cheekbone with an impact like that!  As you can see, it has even caused her to have her first black eye as well.  Wow!  

When we were all talking together last night, Justin told her, "When things like that happen, we just have to learn from them."  I said, "And you learned that you need to watch where you are going."  She said, "No-o-o-o!"  When I asked her what she HAD learned she said, "I learned I shouldn't run with my eyes closed!"

And Justin and I tried to stifle our laughter.

So true, baby girl.  So true.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Mommy date

Last Friday, Justin took Lauren out on her first hunting trip - for squirrel.  So, Paige (and Jaelyn) and I ventured out to the park in Payson for the morning.  It was some nice quality time with my middle girl!

Balancing on a rock...

We found our own squirrel, right above our heads!

Digging for treasures...

I love this one...

Showing me the sparkly glass she found...

She was SO happy just to be outside! 

Jaelyn still loves that fresh air...

I think this might have to make it onto a wall somewhere too...

After our park time we went out to lunch and dessert - Paige's favorite thing EVER.  =)  

More pictures of Payson time to come...

Monday, October 11, 2010


A week ago, we had just gotten back from a turn-around beach trip with our friends, the Swopes!  Can't believe I haven't posted the pictures until now.  Slacker.

This one loves everything about the beach.  A girl after Mommy's heart!

The Swopes let us borrow their baby tent, which is great for non-sitters!  So happy we had it!

Paige watching a jet fly over.

Lauren collecting shells.  
And here is yet another reason this girl she runs off to search for more shells.  
Love it!

Paige was more into the sand than the water.

New favorite!

Lauren & Porter were like peas and carrots!

And now, the attempt at a family picture:

All three kids looking in different directions, and not one at the camera.  Ha!

It was a great day, jut wish it could have been longer!!!  Next time!