Friday, August 29, 2008

Nine months?!?

Tomorrow my baby Paige will be nine months old! I am posting today because we will be packing tomorrow and I am sure I won't get any pictures taken, let alone posted.

This one is blurry, but it was the only one where they were both looking NEAR the camera. Ha! Paige loves Lauren and follows her everywhere, always wanting to be doing what big sister is doing!

Right now she -- tries to repeat many words and sounds, pulls herself up to her knees, blows raspberries and makes herself laugh, waves hello, sleeps 11 hours through the night, claps her hands, prefers to eat table food no matter WHAT, lifts her hands to be picked up, still sucks her thumb for comfort, and crawls REALLY fast!

Here's what we call her "scrunchy smile"! Her top right tooth has just broken through and the left looks like it is not far behind. She is easy going, good at playing by herself AND with someone (which is more than I can say for a certain three year old), loves to laugh, and prefers to be in sight of Mama (which she still won't say).

Happy 3/4 birthday, baby princess! We love you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beach Retreat

We just got back from a relaxing beach vacation with our good friends, the Swope family - it was amazing! Both girls really loved the water and the sand!

Paige's first time at the ocean

Lauren loved playing in the waves

Happy girl with sand EVERYWHERE! Amazingly, she never complained about the sand on her face, and hands, and feet... and in her mouth... ;o)

Lauren stopping to give me a quick pose. She always had a great time but stressed Mommy out a little by getting so distracted with playing that she would NOT listen!

Daddy and Paige playing. Love her crazy hair!!!

Lauren did not really like Daddy burying her. She stayed put just long enough for a picture and then clambered out like her life depended on it!

Lauren and Porter playing in the sand. I think two seconds after this they were pouring sand on each other's heads. Fun times!

She was thrilled when I showed her how to "draw" in the wet sand.

These pictures just help me to relax all over again! What a great vacation!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just in the mood

I was in the mood for a photo shoot today, so I plopped the girls down on my bed and tried to make something happen. Lauren was refusing to give me eye contact, and Paige was just enamored with Lauren and nothing else. We still had fun and got a few fun shots. Enjoy!

Surprisingly, Lauren thought this was as fun as Paige did! ;o)

At least one girl was happy to look at the camera!

I always thought black and white was my fave for pictures... but color sure is tempting me these days!

Awful composition, but such a sweet sister moment - there was a full hug that followed, but all I caught on film was a blurred streak. That's photographing children for you!!!