Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ten DAIRY cravings

Having been off all dairy products for almost eight months now, I have compiled this list of what I will be eating as soon as I am given the go ahead:

10. Pizza - preferably from Cibo or NYPD
9.  Cool Whip - on something, in something, or all by itself.  Don't judge.
8.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes
7. Racheal Ray Turkey Nachos
6. Queso Dip - preferably from Chili's.
5.  Real mashed potatoes, or a baked potato with a double pat of butter.
4. This PW Dessert, or creme brulee.  Or both.
3. Something smothered in Alfredo Sauce.  With plenty of parmesan cheese on top.
2.  A cheese plate - any and all kinds are welcome!
1. A Trente Starbucks Vanilla Latte

So, who wants to plan a progressive dinner on July 17th?!?  =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Butterfly Garden

A couple weeks ago, Tamara and her girls came to town for a visit! We were able to meet up with them at the Desert Botanical Garden, just after they got off their plane and Justin's parents picked them up.

We were really headed there because it was opening weekend at the butterfly garden!

Justin was the first to have one land on him:

Then it was Lauren's turn. She was enamored!

I had to capture Taylor's reaction to the above picture!

Love her!

My girls could have stayed here forever, just staring at the delicate beauty.

Paige was really into identifying them on her chart.

Justin and his beautiful sister that we just don't see enough of! I miss her already!

Jaelyn did really well considering she was confined to the stroller all day long!

This made Lauren's day:

After a while we had to head out and explore a little more of the garden.

Lauren in a hut - they were all planning out how they would set stuff up if they lived in there.

We were looking at these pictures, and Lauren said, "Mommy there aren't many pictures of you." I told her it is because I take almost all the pictures, but if she ever wanted to find me she could look in the reflection of her eyes. I am there. And sunglasses work even better!

Taylor is such a sweet young lady! I really enjoyed talking with her more this visit.

And sweet Ellie-Roo too, of course!!!

Hanging out with Aunt "RaRa".

And making mesquite bean flour:

Did people really eat that? Crazy.

It was a fun day - SO glad we were able to do it!


Monday, March 28, 2011

We are still alive.  See?

I don't know why I am in a funk... all around funk.  It is in a lot of other areas of life as well, but I haven't had any motivation to take pictures or write.  It is a downer to feel this way, but I am truly hoping to find some new inspiration and get excited about blogging again.  This place means a lot to me, to be able to put everything out there and hear what others have to say.  I want to be doing it.  So, here's to trying harder!  

I think I failed to ever put up a picture of Remy, our newest Beeler girl.  ;)

These were taken right after we got her, and she was/is a mess.  We are finally taking her to the groomer this week, so I should have some prettier pictures up soon.  

She is a sweetheart - just very fearful still.  She is coming around toward me at least, and I am hoping she'll feel that way toward the whole family soon enough!  

We have been crazy busy - but like I said, no pictures to speak of.  Jaelyn is sick again, and there has been quite a few long nights involved for us.  I am hoping she is on the upswing now that it is day five, but she truly seems to be the same kind of sick every day.  We will see...

We are off to soccer practice for now - but I will come post pics of the butterfly garden tomorrow.  We had such a great time hanging out there with family!  Love it!  

Until then - love you all!   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


1.  My hiatus has not been intentional.  We have had a very sick house for over two weeks!  Lauren brought home a virus that got passed around to everyone but me - and just as they were getting better, Paige caught a new nasty bug and passed it around again.  They are still trying to get over that one, and I am still trying to stay healthy!  It is a miracle that I managed not to catch either bug so far, because I catch EVERYTHING and it stays with me for a long time.  I am attributing it to God's mercy, Elderberry extract, and Manuka Active Honey.  Or it could just be a fluke.  Whatever.

2.  Two weeks ago, Justin took the girls to a Daddy/Daughter dance for their Valentine's gift - they got all dolled up and had a great time!  They still mention it every now and again - clearly a big deal to their little girl hearts!  

3.  That last picture of Lauren terrifies me.  Just sayin'. 

4.  Jaelyn is getting to be fun right now.  She loves to clap her hands and wave hello (with a wrist turn, not open/shut hand), and will say Dadadada when she sees Justin.  LOVE this age!

5. Justin is selling his Acura - so if you know anyone looking for an affordable used car, send them my way!  =)

6.  Trying to get a hold of a breeder to buy a two year old adult female Schnauzer.  Her delays in response are making me crazy.  I just want to know if she is ours or not!!!  Why do people not return calls and emails?!?  I am really excited that we might be able to get out of dealing with the puppy stage, and the suspense is killing me!  

7.  Paige is getting more into arts and crafts - but this is what happens when she is allowed to use markers:

8.  God Bless the person who invented washable art supplies.

9.  I need two models for an upcoming promotion I want to run for Mother's Day.  Each one needs to be a mommy and her child/children available to meet me in central phoenix the weekend of April 2nd.  One with one or more children over age two, and one with one child under one year old.  You would receive a free disk of the 8-15 images with the printing rights.  If you are interested, contact me!  First come, first served.

10.  I love pictures of my kids with books.  Not sure what it is... but it moves me.

Happy Tuesday!