Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lazy days

Yet another late post! These pictures were taken last week while Lauren was on Spring Break.  We didn't do anything too exciting, but it was nice to all spend time together and have no where to be!  These are unedited and going up without text because I am way behind on editing for a couple clients and need to get on it today!  Hope you all are having a great week!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - Picture-less

1.  I feel like I haven't had anything to blog lately. But I know that's not true. Life blazes on and there are many things I haven't documented on here... that makes me sad. My friend Lyndsay posted about this last week - that she feels Facebook/Twitter/Goggle+ etc are taking away too much of our computer time and the blogging doesn't happen.  I am trying to decide what direction I want to go with this... but I think a change is in order.

2. My dear friends Brad and Jaclyn agreed to be "guinea pigs" for a new photogenic technique that I would like to make the base of my photography business in the future.  It is called Beloved - though I am not sure that I am going to call it that for my purposes.  I might not even identify it at all - I just want it to become my method of capturing real images.  You can check out a bit of the results on the business blog. If you think you might be interested in capturing images of you and the one you love this way, please contact me!  I need to get one or two more under my belt before I fully launch it.

3. We have been taking Paige to the chiropractor. She has been struggling to hear properly and after some research, it seems that her ears must not be draining properly. The pediatrician said she has a lot of wax, but that her canal isn't swollen or infected at all.  So, the chiropractor checked her out and said her top two vertebrae were shifted significantly to the right.  Her right ear is the one that failed the hearing test.  He is hopeful that properly aligning her will help the area to drain, but only time will tell.  I do know that it is changing something - the night after her second adjustment she came running in to tell me there was a big pop in her ear and now everything was loud.  But the next morning she was back to "normal" patching hearing loss.  It is frustrating and a little scary - we are just trying to make the best decision we know how.  This discovery has given me some serious Mommy-guilt though, since I know there has probably been many times I have gotten very upset with Paige for not obeying something I said, when she probably didn't really hear me.  :(

4.  Scheduled a birth client for next month and I am SO excited!  Being on call for 28 days is a little crazy, but this type of photography fills my tank and is truly energizing.  Hoping I make it this time!

5.  We are blessed that Justin's work is picking back up and he is busy again!  But, I was very spoiled having him home early and every Friday - it is hard to adjust to him being gone late every day.  Can't have it both ways, though!

6.  Lauren is on Spring Break this week and we have nothing fun planned. See #5.

7.  We are still in our pajamas right now.  See #6.

8.  I have loved all this rain and cool weather for the last few days!  A real bit of Spring to soak up before we move into early summer here pretty quick.

9.  My farm produce co-op that I got a box from every week cancelled their boxes.  So, now I am on the search for a new co-op.  NOT Bountiful Baskets... something local.  Any suggestions out there?

10.  The 52 Choices blog is all about giving up soda this week.  If you haven't given it up yet, EVEN if it is diet, head over there and have a read.  For your health!  We haven't had soda in months, and I am so glad we made that choice!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!