Monday, April 21, 2008

Railroad Park

This last Saturday was Justin's company's family BBQ. It was a lot of fun, they had a Scooby Doo bouncy and a facepainter! We were able to ride the train and the carousel and eat lots of yummy food. Lauren was thrilled and you would have thought it was HER party! Funny girl!

This was the day Lauren decided that these bouncey things were actually fun! We could hardly pry her away from it!!!

Getting her face painted. You could tell she really wanted it because she held really still!!! I wish she'd hold this still when I am trying to trim her bangs!

Beautiful butterfly

Had to get a shot of my pretty little Paige in there!

Riding the train - she would have stayed on all day, happily waving to everyone she passed.

Sleepy girl enjoying the carousel. She made friends with her horse really quick and proceeded to instruct him when to go fast and slow. She must be bound for management.

Rice cereal

Ok - my watermark went all funky, so now I am working on a new one. Don't think I have given up... but I didn't want to continue waiting to post!

In the meantime - enjoy these shots of Paige trying out cereal. She liked it well enough, but after one day was constantly having bowel movements! I mean, every half hour to hour. It was waking her up in the middle of the night, which means it was waking ME up in the middle of the night (see, it is really just all about ME!). So, we are going to wait until she is a little more than five months old and try it again.

"Daddy, are you sure this is food?"

"Hmmm... Tastes a little like cardboard. I am not convinced."

"Mommy, mommy! Take pictures of me eating too!!!"

"Well, since everyone is SO happy that I am eating, I guess I will be happy too! But you ALL have it coming later!!!"


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bathtime photo shoot

OK - I am usually not a paranoid person in regards to the internet. That being said, a friend had her entire MySpace site hacked into and stolen. The site was then reposted on Orkut where the hacker proceeded to pretend to be family and set up "playdates" using her kids. This is apparently pretty common, so I am trying to take precautions to prevent my photos of my kids from being used this way. Hence, the watermark that will appear near the center of all photos from this point out. You can't prevent this from happening, but hopefully this will at least deter the hackers for the time being.

Just a fun day in the tub with the girls!

I don't even remember why she was throwing a fit -- but I would say I see this face at least three times a day!

The first of many baths together.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A day at the garden

Justin had last Thursday off work, so we spent the morning at the Desert Botanical Garden since none of us had ever been. It was a beautiful day, not too hot with a slight breeze. It was great to get some fresh air and do something other than pack or unpack for a change!

Paige seemed to enjoy being outside and was perfectly content to ride in the stroller for the majority of the day.

Lauren didn't really get the point of the tour we started out on. She was less than interested in hearing about all the plants, but was thrilled to spot birds and lizards along the way.

Lauren and Justin hanging out in the Native American hut replica. She was pretty sure these were built just for her and ran circles in them as long as we would let her!

Trying her hand at grinding pods.

The butterfly garden was by far the favorite! They were just everywhere - one even landed on Justin's shirt. It was making Lauren a little crazy that she wasn't supposed to reach out and touch them, but she enjoyed pointing out whenever she saw a new one. It was a treat to watch her face light up while running around the greenhouse structure.

Paige was less than impressed with the butterflies. ;o) I think she was just sad that we were all distracted and not paying attention to her!