Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seems like Summer

Okay, summer began at least a month ago here in Phoenix, but these are the sort of moments that are very "summer" to me.  Playing outside in the water, having popsicles afterward.  Never mind that this was at 9AM!
This water table is so fun!  Both the girls enjoy sailing the boats around it and watching the water move the water wheel - over, and over, and over again!
Is it just me, or does she look like she's up to something?
Yep, I am pretty sure this picture was taken right before she decided to dig for some mud!
Mommy put the kabosh on that one real quick.
I know.
What a buzz-kill!
But, mud or not - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I expect this will be part of our weekly entertainment for months to come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The girls enjoyed a bubble-machine play session with Grandma Linda on Sunday morning.
Paige was trying to catch them, but managed to not get frustrated when it never happened!  =)

I *think* Lauren was having fun, you?

First picture: Do you think Paige looks like a scarecrow?  That's what Justin calls this look of hers.  Either way we all think it is pretty funny!
Ahh, the wonder of childhood.  Gotta love it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Fancy Soiree

First, a look at the invitation for those of you who didn't get one:

Lauren loves the Fancy Nancy books, and she loves to play dress up - so this theme worked perfectly for a party at home! While I believe there is a lot to be siad for the less stressful birthday party at a location, I wanted a chance to be able to visit with all our friends and family, plus practice my love of hostessing! ;o)

Lauren's choice of attire included seven bracelets, five necklaces, nine hair clips, and three different pairs of dress-up shoes! Yes, the girl had wardrobe changes mid-party. She is that glamorous!

Our friends and family were great sports about donning various dress-up attire to become "fancy". The homemade tissue-paper bow ties were my personal favorite!

Our Posh Family without Paige.
She was sleeping for the first half of the party. All the pre-party set up must have worn her out!

Some of the dolled-up kiddos...

Porter and Lauren hanging in the adorable playhouse my parents gave her.
(I will throw in a better pic of it at the end.)

The kids had tea sandwiches in peanut-butter & honey, nutella & banana, and ham & cheese.
There were subs for the grown-ups too!

Some of our frilly decorations:

The Grandmas had to be the biggest proponents for the dressing up part!

I couldn't find a grocer that made fancy enough cupcakes, so I had to roll my own!

I was actually quite nervous at this moment, thinking that her costume might just be flammable!

My girl goes right for the frosting and leaves the cake part behind!

Finally, someone else decided to join the party!

She doesn't look sleepy or anything!
But she perked right up when Grandma Nel gave her a little gift of her own to open!

Everyone loves a good gift-opening session! ;o)

And last, the promised picture of the playhouse. We put this together on Friday night so that Saturday morning she could go out and see it first thing. Now it is part of the morning routine: 1. wake up 2. play in playhouse 3. Cry when it is time to come in for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1. I feel like I have nothing interesting to talk about this week! I didn't keep my ongoing Ten On Tuesday list amidst the party planning.

2. I am not good at keeping my picture-posting-promises. The birthday party pictures are half edited, I hope to have some posted tomorrow.

3. There ARE two new posts on my Frame-A-Day to hold you over.

4. Whenever I say "you" on this blog, I am referring to my six faithful readers. Love you all! ;o)

5. How do I know it is six, you ask? Check out sitemeter if you haven't already. That is, if you don't really care how many people read your blog and don't mind the opportunity to be a little self-serving.

6. See? I told you I have nothing interesting to talk about!

7. Oh! One thing -- Old Navy is having solid colored flip flops on sale this Saturday for $1! If you are a shoe-hater like myself, I would say one in every color is appropriate!

8. I am freaked out that Paige is becoming a life-long thumb-sucker. This is all because of my dear friend Annie. She really needs a blog!!!

9. T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are quickly becoming my favorite places to shop. This is a very new development for me -- as I have never really been a picker when shopping. You know, picking through racks to find a gem? But, as my children seem to grow out of clothes the second I cut the tag off, bargain shopping gets more appealing by the day.

10. Well, that was a lame-o TonT! But I hope to get back on my running list and have much more entertaining topics next week. Until then...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lauren's Birthday (take one)

Our big four-year-old enjoying dinner of her choice, mac-n-cheese and green beans.  :o)

Four candles take over the entire top of a cupcake!  Might have to switch back to regular cakes next year!

She is a big fan of the icing.  The cake is really just optional!

Paige will eat anything sweet, frosting or not!

My sillies.  I just love them!

Gift time!
Aunt Ra-Ra sent an adorable top, sweater and gorilla.
From Daddy.
He picked up this handmade apron and hat set at the Prescott Downtown Art Fair when we were there on Mother's Day.  Too cute!!!

There were several gifts to open, but the "big one" from us was a Leapster.  She LOVES her princess game!

My Aunt Dona sent Lauren a water table for the backyard.  She and Paige have the best time splashing and being generally fascinated by the water!
All in all it was a wonderful birthday-day for Lauren!
Tomorrow I will be back with pictures from the Fancy Nancy Party - but until then, I will tell you that the adults were really good sports about it.  Almost too good!  ;o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The one who taught me Mommyhood

Four years ago today I became a Mom.
I was exhausted.
 I was exhilarated.
Every experience was new, exciting, and scary.
And I knew my life was forever changed.
Three years ago I was in awe.
Amazed at how fast she learned.
I loved watching her while she slept.
Teaching her how to walk and talk.
Anxiously awaiting each new milestone.
Not knowing I would soon wish
they had not come so fast.

Two years ago I was the Mommy of a toddler.
Enjoying all our new adventures together.
Playing games, laughing, talking.
Expecting our next baby, but calm with experience.
Amazed at the personality of this sweet little person 
who I spend every day with.
How blessed I am to be at home with my children!

One year ago I became the Mom of a preschooler.
Singing songs, reading and writing.
Learning to do things "by herself",
while I was never far away.
Watching her become a big sister
while growing strong tastes, likes and dislikes
that I would not have ever expected.
Giving butterfly kisses and receiving bear hugs.

Today, I am Mommy to a four year old.
Who makes me smile every day with her silliness.
She loves to make people laugh!
A girl who is independant, yet loves to cuddle on the couch together.
One who loves books, stickers, drawing, and being outside.
She loves to sing, making up her own song as she goes.
And even when she just won't look at my camera, ;o)
I am so grateful that I get to be her Mom.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

For those of you who are skimming for the pictures - there are not any on here today, so feel free to move on.  ;o)  I will try to make it up to you later in the week!

1.  We got rid of our cable television.  While it was a hard decision, we were paying WAY too much in cable and decided to try it out for a while and see how it goes.  It is unfortunate for me that it worked out to cancel before the Hell's Kitchen finale on this Thursday.  So, I will be hiding in a hole until Friday afternoon when I can watch it online!

2.  We went to Ikea yesterday.  I love Ikea!  Even when I don't buy anything, I feel like there are so many great decorating ideas and unique items that I am rejuvenated in my organizing and decorating energy!

3.  Paige has started trying to repeat more words, finally!  Yay!  It is hilarious, but she whispers them.  As if she is already afraid to get the answer wrong.

4.  Did I forget to mention last week that I won the burger throw-down?  I am so proud of myself -- I think maybe I should throw my own later in the summer.  Anyone interested?

5.  Not to come down on anyone, but I have an honest question for you all - if you get an invitation to an event and you do not plan on going, do you think that means you don't have to RSVP?  Is RSVPing only for those attending?  I have heard this, but it was never how I was raised - so it confuses me.

6.  I love this.  Don't watch it if you hate to cry, but I am so inspired by Alex and his awesome attitude!  A photographer that I love gifted this session to his family, and I can only hope to be able to give such worthwhile gifts to people when I own my business!

7.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  Justin and two other guy friends of our treated their wives to homemade brunch by a pool and mani/pedi's!  It was a wonderful gift and very relaxing!  Thanks again, honey!!!

8.  Speaking of, why is it that manicures don't last for me?  Even if I apply topcoat every day, it chips away starting on day two.  And I can NOT stand chipped nailpolish.  Am I alone in this? 

9.  Why is it that calling the exterminator means you see MORE bugs after they spray?!?  I hadn't seen any inside and now every day it is something new.  Seems like a waste of money.

10.  My super-sweet SIL Tamara sent me a giftcard for being the first commenter on her 100th blog!  Thank you, Tam!!!  I thought that was a thoughtful and cute idea, so keep an eye out for a special blog to come in the next few weeks... I want to pay-it-forward a bit!  And for Tamara, I am going to do a picture blog of our house soon too - so you all can see it as it is and hopefully an after-decorating blog down the road!

Have a great day, everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Lauren had swim lessons all last week and did a great job!  I love our coach - one day of whining and after that the kids are having a blast!  Porter wasn't in our class, he was in the one after us - but on the last day we were together, and those two had the best time!

2.  On day two of swimming Lauren was in the deep end every moment that Bonnie was not working with her - going off the board and swimming from side to side.  Do you like her form?
3.  Because she spent so much time in the water her eyes were R-E-D!  And burning, apparently.  Because that is all I heard about for an hour afterward.  So, we went to the store and found kid goggles in pink, which she loved.  My only concern is that she might never want to swim without goggles again.

4.  Paige was very jealous of Lauren getting to be in the water - so she had to be distracted with snacks.  For an entire hour, six days in a row.  Maybe that is why she is now getting into her next size of clothes! 

5.  Lauren had her first trip to the dentist today.  I was amazed because she never had even the slightest problem with the exam, cleaning, or x-rays!  What a trooper!!!  The hygienist even said, "Are you SURE you haven't done this before?"  I guess there is something to be said for waiting until your child is truly ready.  And, she has perfect teeth - no problems.  Yay!  The dentist did say that she will probably need braces later because her mouth is SO small.  I about fell over when they showed us the x-rays and her HUGE adult teeth were above the baby teeth.  I am not sure how they will all fit!

6.  My girls definitely do their fair share of fighting already - but Paige is entering into a stage of wanting to hug Lauren and do everything together.  So far, Lauren doesn't seem to mind.  I am trying to encourage it as much as possible, even if it involves a little Curious George.
7.  It looks like we are going to get to buy this house we are renting.  We went to sign a TON of papers on Monday to lock our loan.  As long as the underwriting all goes smoothly, we should be home owners again by the end of the month!  Justin and I are in awe of how this has all worked out - and we give all the credit to God!  There is no reason they should have accepted our low offer!  I am still shocked that we are buying this house for less than we sold our 1350 square foot home for a year ago!!!  I am anxiously awaiting the results of our appraisal so I can be even more excited about this purchase.
8.  It seems WRONG, but I was kind of hoping to have to move.  We have had some serious short-timers syndrome with this house, thinking there was NO WAY it was going to happen.  So, things have kind of piled up and I have said to myself, "I'll go through all of it when we move."  Ha!  Not moving.  So now I feel like we need to empty a whole room and then put everything back again.  Which sounds good in theory, only I don't have a deadline (moving date) so I fear that I will never get around to doing all of it!
9.  Speaking of getting things done...I haven't done nearly enough to get ready for Lauren's party.  And the invite seems to have put out some high expectations.  Better move that to the top of the list... wait, didn't I say that last week?  UGH.
10.  I have a new goal to try and lower our grocery budget significantly.  Money Saving Mom is helping me out with some ideas.  I *might* even try the whole CVS system of getting things for free.  Sounds complicated, but I have decided that if spending less on food can help us to save for a good vacation once a year, it is worth the effort to me!  As long as I can do it and still buy healthy food.  That is my MAIN concern right now.  I will let you know how it goes!
Happy Tuesday!