Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Homeschool

Yesterday was our first day of homeschooling!  The girls were very excited, and even more so to find a "Happy First Day" banner and decorations to go with their banana muffins for breakfast!  =)  Who knew that a little paper circle taped to a toothpick would become a treasured keepsake?  But, into their jewelry boxes they went!  It is the little things...

We have our old playroom set up like a classroom - which is nice that we have the space, but difficult because the kids are used to playing in here!  So, it is hard to re-teach them that all their toys are in their bedrooms now!

It would pretty much kill me to not have annual back-to-school pictures of my kiddos, so I will probably still do that every August!  

She was just a little excited!

We are easing into things over the next month, and the girls were thrilled with the practice sheets they were doing after group lesson time.  We are using the workbox system (those rainbow guys up there) for their independent work.  So far, so good with that idea!

It is challenging!  I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze everything else I need to do into a day!  Not sure when exactly errands and chores are supposed to happen!  But, someday there won't be naps to deal with any more -- so, I only need to get through the next three years or so!  

I know one thing, my kids and I are talking more, sharing more thoughts and ideas, and enjoying each other more than I expected to be right away.  So that is a good sign!  

Monday, August 6, 2012


Have you figured out that I am crazy yet?  If not, you must not have followed this blog for very long... let me just run it all past you again:

1. We don't have cable or even antenna television in our house.  No news, no weather, no sports... only Netflix and Apple TV.  And, I love it!  I don't think I have even once wished we had cable since we got rid of it!  

2. We don't eat processed foods.  I try not to even have any in the house, though I do appease the children with an occasional kind of cracker or fruit strips.  But, for the most part, if it has a preservative in it - I leave it at the store.

3.  We only drink water.  That's right - with three kids, we do not have juice or soda in our house! 

4.  I am totally okay with adding more and more pets to our house.

5.  Some friends think I am pretty crazy just because of my distaste for all things white and creamy that aren't sweet.  Cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise... 

6.  I kill every single plant that I come in contact with, yet in my heart-of-hearts I want to have a huge garden!

7.  I do not agree with either major political party and do not believe anything I hear in the media.

8. There will be no more vaccinations in this house, if I have anything to say about it.

9. Even though it has been a huge hassle, I am actually thankful for Jaelyn's reaction to dairy.  For it is what made me start researching allergies and food for healing.  Her sensitivity is what made me take note of what we all were eating, and why.

10.  And if that isn't enough to make you think I am certifiably crazy, this last one should take the cake. ;)  We have decided to try out homeschooling our kids!  

Is your mouth hanging open?  Anyone who knows me knows this is quite the opposite from what I have always felt and said. Homeschooling was fine, but definitely not for me.  Well... God works in mysterious ways sometimes!  Believe me when I say it has been a decision I have wrestled with, doubted, and cried over.  But, I believe with my whole heart that it is what's right for our family right now.  And that is all I can do, is focus on the now.  We will see what happens later...

And I understand that the term "homeschooler" comes with a lot of perceptions.  That's fine.  I don't believe we fall into most of those pigeonholes, but people are going to think what they want to.  I don't feel the need to fight about it.  Live by example, in love - that's my purpose.  So, if this new venture of ours makes your heart jump in your chest and your fingers ready to type your angry retort in the comments section... I love you.  But you might want to just hit that unsubscribe button.  Because there is likely to be a lot of talk on here about the process of homeschooling this year. This is my outlet, and I have a lot to learn about teaching my children at home.  And it is going to be HARD.  There will be days where I need to vent, I am sure of it.  And even if no one else reads it, it feels great just to put it out there sometimes.  So, that is what I will do!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jaelyn's 2nd Birthday

Please ignore that these are two weeks late! =)  In the morning we went to the Anthem water park with Aunt Jen and the cousins.  But, I only took pictures with my phone... which are not yet downloaded.  I am terrible about getting pictures off my phone!  Once Daddy was home, we had dinner and cake.

Two year old princess!

Trying to get her to show me two fingers.  Not happening!  

Don't they look good for being dairy-free?!?

She was really proud of herself when they were blown out!


She was in heaven!  This was the closest thing to frosting she'd ever had.

After dinner and gifts, Aunt Tamara and Ellie sang to her on face-time.

All in all, she was a happy girl on her day!