Monday, February 27, 2012

Today's stuff

Well, it has been a long time since I blogged.  We have all been sick on and off for almost a month now, with everything from head-colds to stomach bugs to pink-eye!  It has been crazy, and my house really reflects that craziness.  What a mess!  But, with how nasty I still feel today - I imagine it is going to remain a mess for another day or two.

I went to a huge photography conference in Las Vegas last week, and it was amazing!  I have so many new thing to implement and work on!  It all means pretty much starting over from scratch.  LOL!  That is exhilarating and terrifying!  I have my work cut out for me, that's for sure.  But, all of it will allow me to continue to pursue photography as a true career, for the long haul.  It doesn't make for much of an income at a few hundred dollars a month.  Big changes are necessary!  Eek.

Here's some shots from Saturday night when Justin took the big girls to the Daddy-Daughter Dance at Lauren's school.  They were home in an hour because everyone was not feeling too good.  Bummer!  But, the girls were happy to dress up and go even for a little bit.

Impossible.  That shot where they all three cooperate at the same time... just impossible for me.

Cheese faces!

Genuine smiles!

See the difference?  ;)  Just sayin'.

Love you all!  More stuff to write this week, hopefully!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten on Thursday

1. Things have been busy, but not.  Just seems like it is always something! Over the last six days all five of us have had a stomach bug to one degree or another - so time flies by and stands still all at the same time.

2.  We are headed to Vegas tomorrow night for five days so that I can attend WPPI - a photography conference.  I will be working at the Beloved trade show booth, attending seminars, and trying to network as much as possible.  I also received a scholarship to attend a class called Going Pro Bootcamp, where three pros are going to tell me what I need to do to get my business to the point of truly bringing in INCOME.  I am nervous beyond belief for what they are going to tell me to do.  It is scary to re-start an entire business!  But, I have a feeling that is what it is going to take.  Excited and terrified... should make for an interesting week!

3.  This video  I shared it on facebook, but wanted it here so I could come watch it whenever I want!  =)

4. My Dad turns 60 today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dad!!! I'm glad we will see him tomorrow.

5. Justin and I attended the Love & Respect conference last weekend, and it was amazing!  We already know the concepts inside and out, but we were able to see new ways to apply them.  I learned that Justin needs to hear that I still like him, not just love him.  Ladies, does your husband know that you LIKE who he is?  Don't dismiss how important this can be!

6.  Thinking of lots of friends and praying for them lately.  2012 has not been a great start for many this year.  Hoping spring will come and things turn around!

7.  Okay, not really hoping for Spring, since it brings us closer to Summer.  Winter is just fine, thank you.

8.  Following a new blog called 52 Choices. Head on over there and sign up!  Every week you will get a new goal to implement on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  We are only on week three, and you could easily catch up.  Let's do this together for our families' health!

9.  Finally ordered some wall prints (from LAST summer, ahem) and now that they are here, they feel much too small. My clients always say that too.  Measure the space you want to use and order the largest print that will fit in that space, you will not regret it!

10.  Trying to be thankful today.  For lots and lots of things.  Everything. At this moment, I am thankful that I have not had to clean up any vomit for 18 hours!  Speaking of which, I better go switch the laundry.  :P

Have a great day!  I am sure I will have lots more to share next week!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zoo trip

We were invited to go to the zoo with Jaclyn and Harper on Tuesday, and had a wonderful time!  Lauren was a little offended that she didn't get to go, but after I reminded her of her field trip next week - she got over it!  =)

I'm not feeling very wordy today (shocking!), so I will let the images speak for themselves.

Thanks for the fun morning, Jaclyn!  Paige has not stopped talking about it!  =)