Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - pictureless

1.  Honestly, I feel like I have nothing to say - but this blog has been dead and I feel bad about it, so here I am!

2.   I have no pictures to share -- haven't even dusted off my camera in over a week!  UGH.  I hope to remedy this tomorrow with some shots of my girls.  It feels weird to be off the photography wagon, but at the same time I am gearing up with lots of ideas for newborn pictures!  =)

3.  The pregnancy is going fine, but nothing too interesting to report.  I am having lots of Braxton Hicks and twinges and pokes.  LOL!  But I am READY for her to come - bags are mostly ready, house is mostly clean, and I am tired of hurting.  Tired of hurting enough to welcome the thought of just being plain old tired from having a newborn in the house!  C'mon baby girl!!!

4.  I am too pregnant to be out in public.  Seriously, I went to Target yesterday and easily a dozen people asked if I needed help (and not just employees), and another dozen asked when the baby was due.  I love that this indicates that people are thoughtful, but when I go to the store in a hat and no make-up, I'd rather just be left alone.  *snerk*  Plus, these people don't know what they are getting into if they acknowledge my other two children, because then it is at least five minutes before I get the girls to stop talking long enough to make my escape!  Where DO they get that from?!?

5.  Is anyone else as inept at getting stains out of clothes as I am?  My kids seem to stain everything - and if it doesn't come out with the first treatment, I can never get it out!  Any tips out there for set in stains that someone has seen work?!?  And please tell me my kids aren't the only ones who figure out a way to get something on every piece of clothing that touches their skin?!?

6.  Made a modified version of Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmesan last night for dinner.  YUM.  Seriously satisfying!!!  Going to try to make her Peach Cobbler sometime this week too.  Because, you know, I don't have enough butter in my life.

7.  I am dying for a trip to the beach.  The end.

8.  Lauren is becoming a follower -- and it really cracks me up.  She says her favorite color is now blue, because Camryn's favorite color is blue.  Then she immediately says she still loves pink, only now she loves blue just as much.  She is also obsessed with dinosaurs, because Porter loves dinosaurs.  She can tell you all about them from a game she plays on PBS!  I just can't wait to hear the funny things she will suddenly love after making new friends at school.

9.  I had a wonderful weekend with Jaclyn - we went shopping, went to the spa, and ate a LOT.  It was really nice to focus on our friendship without having to field our children, and a welcome relaxing break from the routine!  Thanks for making it happen, Jaclyn!!!

10.  Anyone have fabulous ideas for simple meals that are mostly pantry items?  I need to stock up a few more things to make once the baby makes her appearance, but am officially out of room in my freezer.  Thoughts?

Happy Tuesday to all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


1.  We are in the home stretch now, less than three weeks until my due date!  Baby seems to be doing fine, and while I am having some pressure and pain - nothing close to regular contractions... so I am biding my time.  I slide back and forth on the eagerness scale, from feeling anxious to see her sweet little face - to wanting to go all the way to my due date so I can get a little more sleep in before she gets here.  ;o)  

2.  It is HOT!  I literally can't stand to be outside after 10AM!!!  I need someone to teach me how to be a homebody for the summer, because I get cabin fever after just one day!

3.  Really excited to spend the weekend with Jaclyn!  We are getting spa treatments, going out to eat, probably some shopping... it will be so nice to have some kid-free girl time!  Can't wait!!!

4.  The girls are feeling tortured that they don't get to play outside much these days.  They must ask me 100 times a day.  Sometimes I really wish we had a nice big pool to use on a daily basis.  They DO have morning swims in the play pool from time to time!  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!!

5.  Looks like we will have a birth photographer after all!  As long as we can give her enough time to be there and it all works out (there is always a chance that it just can't happen).  I am so excited to be able to experience the other side of the lens!  Not only will it give me more insight into this area of photography, I will get to have images to treasure forever!

6.  I want a iPhone 4.  There I said it.  I am a freak!  Do I need a new iPhone?  Noooo.  But it is so COOL!  Face-time?  Awesome.  Multi-tasking?  Dream come true.  A camera that works well in low light and has a flash?  Hallelujah.  Now I just need to drum up an extra $200... *snerk* Yeah, right.

7.  The girls are both obsessed with "Super Why" on PBS right now... which I love!  Superheroes with the "power to read" - what parent doesn't love that?!?  They run around the house saying, "To the book club!"  ;o)  

8.  Potty training Paige has proved to be very difficult.  She has perfect days, where she even stays dry over naptime!  Then, the NEXT day - we have nothing but accidents.  I wish there were an easier way!

9.  Are you on Twitter yet?  I can't believe how many people don't use it - I love it!  Much better than Facebook or MySpace (does anyone still use MySpace?) - I love the networking possibilities it provides.  Anyway, if you start using it and follow me - once I am in labor, that is where I will most likely be posting updates from my phone.  

10.  We think we have chosen a name!  Don't be mad that it wasn't even on our initial list, OK?  ;o)  Jaelyn Faith Beeler.  All four of us are very happy with it - so that is a very good thing!  Unless something else magically drops in our lap, this is the name we are planning on using!  YAY for checking things off the list of to-do's!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Five years

On Friday evening we finally got around to taking Lauren out for her birthday pictures! She was a better sport than usual about the camera - I think she was just excited to be the center of attention for a little while!

We took these out at the Anthem park. It is so pretty there, with lots of fun spots to pose in front of. We chased bunnies and ducks, it was an all around nice evening outside!

Lauren's classic head tilt. If she is posing, this is what she does. So pretty, though - I just love that sweet smile! I still find it hard to believe I have a five year old. A Kindergartener. She is awesome - funny and clever, learning all the time and asking questions, my story-teller and very imaginative - and I am so proud of her! I can't wait to see the girl that she will grow to be this year.

There is a little "luxe" treatment on that one of the two sisters, and I just love it! They can be so sweet to each other... you know, when there is nothing to compete over. ;o)

Daddy's girls.
I love that you can't even tell that they are both in tears there because it was time to leave. The park is just too much fun!

I had to grab one of our two and a half year old as well! While she does her fair share of testing the boundaries these days, she is far from terrible in her twos! She is sweet and kind and full of laughter!

Those Beeler Girls! Can't wait to see what #3 has in store for our family!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am alive...

... just lazy.  There hasn't been much getting me motivated lately, including blogging!  Funny how pregnancy can alter your behaviors and thoughts so dramatically.  I will save most of that whining for another time, don't really want to bring down this perfectly fine Thursday with my negativity.  So, I will share some pictures instead!

On Memorial Day we drove up and met some friends out in the woods for a day of dirt filled fun!  The girls were in heaven, as usual!  They sure love the outdoors!!!

We all finally shot the new 22 Justin got Lauren for her birthday!

With some bubbles...



and twirling in the breeze...

we had an all around wonderful family day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day as well!