Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  In case you didn't see one of my other posts, I am taking a break from many of my internet "vices" this week - including Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, reading blogs, and online shopping/browsing.  Just trying to get my priorities right and gain a little perspective on my time.  That being said, this will probably be my only post this week!  

2.  Paige decided she wants to grow her bangs out.  Ugh!  She looks super cute without them, I just hate all of the work that comes with growing them out.

3.  I need more ideas for Lauren's school lunches!  Seriously, the poor girl has the same four options over and over again.  Sides are easy -- but I need to get more creative on the protein options.  Really, I can't wait until her bento box gets here!

4.  Really excited about the women's bible study starting up again next week!  I missed last year because of Lauren's half-day Kindergarten, so I am really happy to get back into it. Anyone want to come with me?!?

5.  Jaelyn is nearly done with her last molar - and then we will be on to the eye & stomach teeth.  I am dreading that big-time!  She is my worst teether by far.  Thankfully, I finally found our baltic amber necklace and she is doing much better!

6.  Trigger got fixed last Friday.  They said to expect him to be lethargic and sleepy for 2-3 days.  Not so much.  The pup was the same when I picked him up as when I dropped him off.  You would think nothing happened to him at all!  If only all my children had that kind of pain tolerance!

7.  Praying really hard for a project Justin's company is going after on Thursday.  They really need this work!  Trusting God to help them win it.

8.  Jaelyn's favorite thing to do right now is growl.  We were playing with horses yesterday and I was making all kinds of pony noises, but all that girl would do was growl like a monster!  She is a crack up!

9.  I dyed my hair brown.  Dark brown.  I still haven't got used to seeing it in the mirror -- but the outgrowth will be much better.  No more roots!  

10.  SO excited for a long weekend coming up!  But, I also can NOT believe it is September already.  It's okay though, the summer going by fast is fine.by.me!  =)

Have a great week!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grade

Monday was Lauren's first day of first grade!  She did amazing - loves her teacher, has a friend in her class from last year, found her "best" friend on the playground at recess, all-around loves being there full day!

I had all sorts of picture ideas in my head for her first day - but, the birth that I have been waiting to photograph went to the hospital that morning, so I was crazed - making sure I had everything together for everybody and only snapped a few pictures of her on our porch before we left.  There are a few more on my phone for posterity's sake as well.  =)

When did she get so big?!?  Got me.  She is amazing and sweet, and I can't wait to see what growth she makes in school this year!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wickenburg, AZ

We have driven through Wickenburg many times in the last ten years, on our way to visit my parents in Las Vegas.  This trip was to visit a friend of Justin's that lives there, for the girls to see her animals, and to pick up some fresh eggs!  It was a very nice morning, cloudy and not too hot.  We started out by feeding the llamas and alpaca.

Jaelyn was so cute - she loved looking at and pointing to the animals.  At a distance, anyway.  =)

Then, a couple of the horses were brought up from their pasture.

The owner asked, "Who wants to go first?!?"  And there was Paige, "MEEEEE!"  
Love her.

When it was Lauren's turn, she said she didn't really want to.  Chasing a lizard up the road instead.  I just said, "Come on."  Took her by the hand, walked her over, and Justin hoisted her up before she had a chance to think about it too much.

I think she was pretty glad she did.

Then Jaelyn got a turn just to sit.  She was less than enthusiastic. 

Kids are so much fun!

Then we got a tour of the chicke area, which made me re-think my adamant "No" to keeping chickens. She has a really great set-up!

That big guy is one of her two "Trader Joe's chickens" that she incubated from a carton of their fertile eggs!  That is just amazing!

It was a great time!  We planning on heading back since their eggs were yummy!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beautiful walk

We went to Payson somewhat spur-of-the-moment last weekend, and it was a wonderful choice!  It was so nice and cool up there, the girls (and puppy) all loved being outside most of the days - and Justin's parents always take great care of us!  =)  Saturday evening we went to the park for a walk and some playtime.

I was playing around with backlighting.  It needs more practice!

Jaelyn LOVED the grass!  She was running, I had the puppy and could barely keep up!

They were chasing a HUGE butterfly!  Do you see it?  
I love this picture - if you have kids and have read Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly -- there is a page where the two little girls look just.like.this!  Such a great childhood moment.

Walking with Daddy.  <3

My little adventurer!

So grown up, Lauren!  She has a loose tooth today.  I am excited, grossed out, and sad all at the same time!

This picture was impossible.  But, I am glad I took it (and fifteen others), it is all my loves in one spot!

Pretty Paige.  I love her eyes...
The marks on her face are from when she jumped off the bunkbed at home.  
And landed on a toy that was left out.
There were too many life lessons that day to mention here.   =)

Still working on my silhouettes too!  Ha!

Hope you are having a great week everyone!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soda - Diet?

Just in case you read my post the other day about soda and thought you were safer because you are drinking diet soda instead... PLEASE read this.  Not only does it have the other post's major problems, but a whole host of additional ones.  Ugh.  I am moving on to the sparkling mineral water!

Is it weird that I am having deja vu as I type this?!?  Did I write this before?  ;o)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm feeling blue today.  No particular reason... just out of it.  Not sure I will get all the way to ten, but we will see!

2.  I would really like to try photographing a High School Senior this year, so if you know one - send them my way!  There will be some awesome freebies involved!

3.  Trigger is so cute.  See?

But, I am pretty sure we will need to have the carpets professionally cleaned once he is fully potty trained.  Yeesh.

4.  I decided today, my kids are growing up too fast.  Way.too.fast.  How does Paige look like this?

She is such an amazing little girl.  I love her heart for other people!  

And I need to trim her bangs.  :P

5.  Finally got Jaelyn's one year pictures done, edited, and posted!

But, you have to go to the biz page, HERE to see the rest!  (insert maniacal laugh)

They are HUGE images, but I love this outfit too much for tiny ones.

6.  Someone starts first grade in twelve days!

Remember #4 up there?  This picture is another perfect example of that.  Seriously.

7.  I am now on Google+, if anyone else is on there - add me!  I think I will eventually love it 100X more than facebook, but a lot of people need to be on there before that can become a reality.  Not on?  Let me know if you want an invite!  I have extras!!!

8.  I want out of the heat something awful.  Just feeling really tired of being cooped up in the house!!!  Maybe that is my reason for #1.  Arizona might have all the sunshine in the world, but fat lot of good it does you when you can't be out in it for more than a few minutes without getting heat stroke.  I kind of wish we had a pool.  Even if it DID mean we'd have nothing else in our backyard.

9.  Wow, that sounded like a lot of complaining!  Sorry.  I would delete it, but I try to keep things realistic around here... and apparently that is how I feel today.  Hmm!

10.  Well, I managed to get to 10 - but it was a stretch.  The pictures saved me!  Woo hoo for cute kids!  You just can't go wrong.  In other news, now that MckMama is back from her trip to Africa - we should have our family portrait images in the mail really soon!  YAY!  I can't wait to see them!  I can finally finish my wall in the living room with a family canvas.

And that is how that makes me feel!
Showing why I love photography, and feel so blessed to do what I do.  There is nothing like getting that portrait you really wanted, and all the wonderful emotions that go along with it!  
How lucky am I?
I think that might have kicked #1 right out the door!

Happy Tuesday!